Kirk Ray Smith, Sr., MHS, BHS

Kirk has been proudly married to his wife Venessa, (MBA, Accounting Professional), for 26 years and they
have three wonderful adult sons, daughter in-law and one grandson. Their oldest and youngest sons are now
serving in the United States Army, and their middle son is in college studying film production and graphic
design. Since 1989 Kirk has served in government and private sectors and higher education, as Army
noncommissioned officer, corrections supervisor, nonprofit senior executive, board volunteer and college
professor. He also established a non-profit business and relationship consulting firm.

Kirk was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up in a single parent home, with 7 siblings in one of the
most economically challenged communities in Cincinnati. His community was crime, drug, and alcohol
infested. Poverty and hopelessness were cultural norms. In effort to stay out of the trouble that was so
prevalent, Kirk spent his time playing sports at the Boy’s Club (now Boy’s and Girl’s Club). As a teen he
worked several jobs, e.g., a fry cook, a golf caddie, and bus-boy to name a few. For various reasons Kirk
struggled through grade school until his final two years of high school. At the beginning of his junior year, he
decided that he wanted more out of life than what he witnessed in his community. After graduating, Kirk
served in the United States Army for 7 years achieving the rank of Corporal. He has served in South Korea
and throughout the United States.

Kirk is a published author and op-ed columnist. He now proudly serves as the President & CEO of RCS
Pinellas. RCS serves more than 130,000 individuals and families annually throughout Pinellas County, FL, as a
leader in addressing hunger, homelessness and domestic abuse through innovative programs and services
with an operating budget of $10 million. Prior to accepting his current role he served as President & CEO of
YMCA’s supporting several communities in Western MA, leading operational and financial growth while
providing high-quality services and supports to the most vulnerable among us across the region. He also
serves as an Adjunct Professor/Instructor for Springfield College across various campuses, specializing in
human services, leadership development, social justice, community engagement, marketing for nonprofits,
organizational change, and public policy advocacy within both undergraduate and graduate studies
programs. Embedded within his consulting work, Kirk nationally produced financial security solutions for
small businesses, families and individuals in association with multiple brokers and carriers.

Kirk has been an executive level operator of non-profit organizations, residential facilities, family centers,
summer camps, community centers, community-based initiatives and human service/social justice champion,
as a President/CEO, District and Group Vice President, Senior Executive, and Director. He is also an ordained
minister, and has been a motivational speaker and lecturer for over 20 years. Kirk holds a Bachelor of Science
of Human Services and a Master of Science of Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield
College. He is a nationally certified Nonprofit Organizational Leader & Leadership Development Professional.

Kirk has been appointed by The National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) to
serve on their prestigious Board of Governors. Smith has been called upon to refine, improve, and
strengthen New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit (Second Edition) a new set of governing guidelines that
supercharge nonprofit capacity-building.

NANOE National Director, Tracy Ebarb, shared, “Kirk has joined a working group that will peer-review a new
set of capacity-building guidelines rooted in principles of moral agency, stewardship, freedom of speech,
freedom of peaceful assembly, ethical practice, and transparency that supercharge charity. Kirk is one of
society’s guardians who use their expertise to ensure everyone experiences a life worth living.”

Kirk serves and has served on several boards, committees and judge and event panels supporting for-profit
businesses, community-based non-profits and higher education institutions. He has been featured on
numerous national and local television shows and in news publications and magazines discussing community
leadership development, education, fundraising, human and social service work in suburban, rural and urban
communities and professional staff development. Kirk has been humbled by God’s mercy, Jesus’ power, and
the Holy Spirit’s presence. He’s also been humbled by the love and patience of his wife and all the wonderful
men and women who’ve given him opportunities. Kirk considers every aspect of his life as an opportunity to
improve the lives of all those around him.